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ARK Airport is among of the 59 airports managed, maintained and operated under Tanzania airports Authority (TAA), the airport is in Group II category. The airport operates as domestic only and it is located western side of Arusha city, approximately 7km (4NM) from Arusha City Centre. Airport is at 4567 feet above mean sea level having an average temperature of 23ᵒC.


There are 2 airports within Arusha Region. Kilimanjaro International airport (IACO HTKL; IATA JRO) which services in and outbound international carriers and international charter flights. Kilimanjaro International connects easily via transfer companies and taxi to Arusha Airport and the city.


The second airport is the Arusha Municipal (ICAO HTAR; IATA ARK) that handles all domestic flights within Tanzania. It is located on the outskirts of the city area. There are shuttles available to travel from the to the city for a minimum cost. It would take approximately 75 minutes to reach ARK airport from the International airport.

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