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Shinyanga Airport is among of the 59 airports managed, maintained and operated under Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA). Shinyanga Airport is in the GROUP III Airports. It operates as a domestic airport, serving only internal flights. Shinyanga Airport is managed by Airport Manager who is responsible for monitoring and managing other airstrips in Region which are Kahama, Malya, and Maswa. Shinyanga Airport Manager is also overseeing the proposed site for construction of new Simiyu Airport.

Shinyanga Airport is located 7NM or 15 Kilometres NORTH WEST of the City centre with a total area of 3,958,200m2. The Airport was constructed in 1947 during Colonial Government, where a Local Ruler of Sukuma tribe, Ngwandu Makwaia decided to  give a portion of land to the colonial government for the purpose of constructing an airport. By then the runway was just a grass runway serving mainly light aircrafts.

The first users of the airport by then were the Geologist surveyors of mines. Later on, diamond was discovered at the area of Mwadui, and then a small airstrip was constructed just there at Mwadui for the purpose of serving the workers of the Mine and other normal citizens.

In the year 1996 a reserve of diamond was discovered at the end of one runway at Mwadui, an action which prompted the closure of the airstrip. Instead, Shinyanga Airport was revived, whereby the government of Tanzania renovated it by grading to the morrum level, for the purpose of serving the aircrafts in the place of the Mwadui Airstrip. The Government of Tanzania continued to renovate the Airport in several ways, since 1997 todate, where the runway has the length of 2000m and 30 m width..

The airport can serve various types of aircrafts liker ATR 42, Fokker 27, Fokker 28, Fokker 50, Dash8 and all types of Cessna and Beechcraft.

In 1999 Tanzania Airports Authority was officially formed by the Government, and Shinyanga Airport became under the management of TAA.

Shinyanga Airport has the area of 395.82 hectares, equal to 3,958,200 square metres,

As per ICAO Annex 14, Shinyanga Airport is classified as a Code 3C Airport. Infrastructures available at the Airport include runway with the length of 2000m and width of 30m, orientation of 11 and 29, PCN (Not specified), one wide taxiway and apron capable of accommodating three (3) midsized aircrafts (Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 and ATR 72).

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