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Tanga Airport is among of the 59 airports managed, maintained by TAA.Tanga Airport is among of GROUP III, Entry Point Aerodrome. Tanga Airport is located  2NM southern  west  from the City Centre, with  Elevation  of  129 ft ,  average Temperature of 29.90 C .

The Airport was built in 1942 and operated by Colonial sisal farm settlers from Lugoba, Amboni, Kigombe and Sakula. It was surrendered the Aerodrome to the Government of Tanganyika soon after independence in 1961.

As per ICAO Annex 14, Tanga  Airport is classified as a Code 2C Airport. And has two taxiways ‘’A’’ & ‘’B’’ and apron capable of accommodating three (3) midsized and four (4) light aircrafts (Cessina 402).

Operational Hours

The Airport operates on daily basis Monday to Sunday from 0700 – 1830 hrs.  Night operations are conducted only on emergency calls.

 Other services available at the airport include;

i. Customs (2hrs Pre-Note) and Immigration (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

ii. Aeronautical Information Services (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

iii. MET Briefing Office (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

iv. Security (Daily 0700-1830hrs)

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