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Tanzania travel just got easier with the new Zanzibar Airport! Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, previously known as Kisauni Airport or Zanzibar International Airport, is Zanzibar’s main airport. The airport is located about 5km south of Zanzibar City – the vibrant capital of Tanzania’s beach paradise. The majority of international flights from East Africa, Europe and the Middle East arrive at this airport as their gateway to Tanzania.

With Zanzibar’s increasing popularity, the Tanzanian government has undertaken the task to refresh the old airport with a new, modern and much more functional international Terminal. This is fantastic news for travellers to Tanzania, opening up the paradise island of Zanzibar to more awesome adventures. The new airport facilities will increase the number of travellers able to efficiently pass through every day, as well as provide improved travel services.

As of December 2021, Terminal 1 is currently inactive, with Terminal 2 serving as the airport office and for domestic flights. Terminal 3 is quickly nearing completion. Once finished, the brand new airport will officially open to international travellers by the summer of 2022. Not only does the new airport deliver a fantastic and fresh welcome to the start of travellers’ journey’s to Tanzania, but will offer a range of useful new services for travelers.

Tanzania is an incredible travel destination, but many do not realise how diverse this fantastic destination is. Though the first thing that comes to mind for many travellers is the wild plains of the Serengeti and action-packed African safaris, the island life is just as tempting in Tanzania. Zanzibar is one of the country’s most popular tropical destinations. Expect to see crystal clear ocean water, white-sand beaches and plenty of towering palm trees! At Serengeti Trips Tanzania we are experts at creating the perfect Tanzania itinerary that ticks all the boxes.

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