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Dodoma first time visitors

You can’t but fall in love with Dodoma, a modern cosmopolitan capital that has become one of the most popular city break destinations in Africa. The city is as “Swahilicious” as it gets in East Africa, but exudes western charm that would delight anyone. 

Quintessential nightlife, chic restaurants, sensational shopping opportunities make Dodoma a must-see East African city. 

When strolling along some streets in Dodoma, you often have to remind yourself that you are in Tanzania, and not somewhere in Africa.

Popularly known as “Capital City of Tanzania” and often rated as one of the best places to live in the whole of Tanzania, this charming ciy offers the best of many worlds. 

The city has richly ingrained culture and features diverse landscape and History, a wide variety of tourist attractions, high-quality hotels, and upscale urban entertainment.

The Dodoma region is known for its historical monuments inherited from the ancient peoples who lived in these areas, but it is also the region of a promising emerging viticulture.

Overview – Short History

At Independence, Dodoma Region was a part of What was the Central Province. In 1963 Dodoma Region wa established after separation of Singida and Dodoma Regions (The two were part of the former Central Province).

At its inception the Region consisted of the three rural Districts of Dodoma, Kondoa and Mpwapwa. Later on, the Urban District of Dodoma made up the fourth District. In 1995 Mpwapwa District was divided into two Districts namely Kongwa and Mpwapwa which made up the fifth District in the Region.

In 2007 Dodoma Rural District was Divided into two Districts of Bahi and Chamwino. This made up the sixth Distric, In 2012 Kondoa District was Divided into two Districts namely Kondoa and Chemba which finaly made the Region to have Seven Districts. .

The Basics

Dodoma is serviced by Dodoma airport for local flights and Dar es salaam International Airport for International flights, the most popular and convenient access point for most travelers. Depending on your home country, visas can be arranged beforehand, picked up on arrival or may not be required at all. 

Once in Dodoma, taxis are the easiest means of getting around, though fares aren’t exactly cheap. First-time visitors should take note that drivers have been known to scam the uncertain traveler; before you head off for your destination, make sure you’ve agreed ahead of time on a set price to get there. 

Local “Daladala” (colorful minibuses) are a popular (and cheaper) way of getting around town, though they tend to be overcrowded, dangerously driven and often involved in accidents- so take care!

Touring the Cultural Sites of Nairobi

The well-established ‘Northern Circuit’ safari of northern Tanzania offers some of the world’s most diverse safari experiences,  consisting of National Parks, game reserves, conservation areas and private concessions. 

Among these are the world-famous and iconic Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, and of course their less well-known neighbours, Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara National Park.

These parks (Which are less than 400km’s from Dodoma) exist for one general purpose and that is to protect the amazing variety and abundance of wildlife in them, both resident and seasonal – and most of all, the world’s largest annual migration of wildebeest and zebra

Exploring Tanzania’s Wild Side from Dodoma

A day Cultural Tour to the nearby wagogo tribe village. This day cultural tour will give you an exposure to the real African traditional life and the culture. 

Visitors will get the chance to enter  inside the traditional mud built wagogo house. The local guide will explain to you about all what you find inside the house.

Historical Tour to the Ancient rock paintings in Kondoa Irangi Kolo area. Kondoa Irangi is just located about 159 kilometers North of Dodoma Town. 

The modern tarmac road between Dodoma and Kondoa is under construction with expectation to finished at the end of 2016. The tour to Kondoa Irangi can be done in combination with Tarangire Safari.

Like any modern city, Nairobi has its ups and its downs. The food (especially the BBQ selections), local markets and bustling nightlife scene are amongst Nairobi’s most exciting modern appeals. Unfortunately, alongside modern appeals come the modern drawbacks: pickpockets, scam artists and snatch/grab thieves. Enjoy yourself, soak up the attractions and culture, but as in any international city, always travel smart: always know where you’re going, don’t leave belongings unattended and don’t travel with huge sums of money, important documents or anything you’d be sad to part with! As long as you keep your wits about you, your Nairobi experience will be fantastic! 


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