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Private Transfer and Taxi in Arusha

Located in north eastern Tanzania, Arusha is the capital of the Arusha Region. The city is situated under the towering giant Mount Meru, and Mount Kilimanjaro is just 82.6km away.Arusha was first settled in the 1830s by the Arusha Maasai. These agropastoral settlers belonged to the Arusha Chini community who lived south of Mount Kilimanjaro.Arusha is the safari capital of Tanzania, and a popular stopover for adventurers who are preparing for a Kilimanjaro trek.

There is more to Arusha than initially meets the eye. With impressive museums, cultural heritage programmes, crafts, and curio markets galore, there is plenty to explore before you start your safari.The city is multinational, with Iraqw, Hadzabe, Maasai, South Asian, and European residents.

The streets are bustling, with Maasai women sat on the sidewalks selling their beadwork, Maasai men wandering through town in their traditional red swathes, enterprising businessman trying to sell batiks, and tour guides offering various exciting 4WD adventures.

Despite this intensity, the city has a warmwelcoming atmosphere. Matching the ambiance of the city, the architecture and infrastructure is chaotic, with hectic traffic and old colonial buildings mixed with modern conveniences.

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Served Districts, National Parks and wards in Arusha

Karatu, Longido, Meru, Monduli, Ngorongoro,  Arusha National Park, Empakaai Crater, Engaruka, Great Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park (part), Mount Longido Forest Reserve, Mount Meru Forest Reserve, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ngurdoto Crater, Oldonyo Lengai, Olduvai Gorge, Uhuru Monument, Akheri, Alailelai, Arash (Tanzanian ward), Bangata, Baraa, Baray, Arusha, Buger (Tanzanian ward), Bwawani, Daa, Arusha, Daraja Mbili, Digodigo, Elang’ata Dapash, Elerai, Endabash, Endamaghang, Endamarariek, Enduleni, Engarenaibor, Engaruka, Monduli, Engikaret, Enguserosambu, Engutoto, Engutoto, Arusha District, Engutoto, Monduli, Esilalei, Ganako, Gelai Lumbw, Gelai Meirugoi, Ilkiding’a, Iloirienito, Kakesio, Kaloleni, Tanzania, Kamwanga, Kansay, Karatu, Karatu District, Kati,

 Arusha, Kikatiti, Kikwe, Kimandolu, Kimnyaki, Kimokouwa, King’ori, Kiranyi, Kisongo, Kitumbeine, Longido, Leguruki, Lemara,Lepurko, Levolosi, Lolkisale, Longido, Longido District, Maalon, Ngorongoro, Majengo, Monduli, Maji ya Chai, Makiba, Makuyuni, Monduli, Mang’ola, Maroroni, Matale (Tanzanian ward), Mateves, Mbuguni, Mbulumbulu, Meserani, Monduli, Mlangarini, Moita (Tanzanian ward), Moivo, Monduli Juu, Monduli District, Monduli Mjini, Monduli District, Moshono, Mswakini, Mto wa Mbu, Mundarara, Murieti, Musa (Tanzanian ward), Mussa, Tanzania, Mwandeti, Nainokanoka, Naiyobi, Namanga (Tanzanian ward), 

Nduruma, Ngarenanyuki, Ngarenaro, Ngorongoro (Tanzanian ward), Nkoanrua, Nkoaranga, Nkoarisambu, Ol-molog, Olasiti, Olbalbal, Oldeani, Oldonyo-Sambu, Oldonyosambu, Oljoro, Olkokola, Olmolog, Olmotonyi, Oloipiri, Oloirien, Oloirien, Ngorongoro, Ololosokwan, Olorieni, Oltroto, Oltrumet, Orbomba, Orgosorok, Pinyinyi, Poli, Meru, Qurus, Rhotia, Sale (Tanzanian ward), Sambasha, Samunge, Seela Sing’isi, Sekei, Arusha, Selela, Sepeko, Soit Sambu, Sokon II, Arusha District, Sokoni I, Sombetini, Songoro, Songoro, Meru, Terrat, Arusha, Terrat, Arusha District, Themi,Tingatinga (Tanzanian ward),  Unga Limited, Usa River, Meru District, Arusha


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