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An in-depth look at Tanzanian food is, of course, beyond the scope of this website. The Tanzanians have developed their cuisine over many millennia, and many of the ingredients may be unfamiliar to those of us in Europe and North America. The country is also big, so when you’re talking about the food of Tanzania, you are of course talking about several different cuisines, each with their own specialities. A good website that includes a section on Tanzanian dishes is Food by Country. So all we’ve done here is pick out two dishes that you will probably come across if you venture out from your hotel.

5 Delicious Kilimanjaro Foods

5 Delicious Dodoma Foods

Tanzania is a country that offers many gems for travellers – the majestic Mt Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, and the pristine beaches of Zanzibar to name a few. But what many travellers often overlook on a trip through Tanzania is the food. Simple, filling and flavourful, what it fails to offer in flash, it will more than …


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