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Serengeti Trips feels happy to provide you with its easy and fast air ticketing services in Tanzania. Whenever you make up your mind to go on a tour, just get in touch with us to help you with our fast air ticketing services. We provide our Clients and Guests with domestic ticketing services. Plan your vacation and leave the rest on us. We will provide with all the information related to air ticketing services within no time. We also keep you abreast of the latest on air ticketing. No wonder, confirmation of your booking is done within a short period of time.

Serengeti Trips will provide you with easy ticketing services even when you find it difficult to get one for you. We also provide urgent air ticketing services as per the needs and requirements of the clients and customers. We will make you aware about the things to be kept in mind while travelling by air. There are certain travel tips that you will always find useful. We will let you have the latest on the air fares of different airlines. Our chart presenting the recent air fares in different airlines will truly be helpful to one and all. We know it best how to serve you better.

You can get your air tickets booked for any destination by our preferred airlines. There are various airlines that offer special reservation from time to time. We are here to take care of all your needs regarding the booking of your air tickets. What you have got to do is just tell us the details of your journey and leave the rest on us.

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Msalato Airport Location

Flights and getting to Dodoma

There is not International airport in Dodoma, and so if you are coming from oversee you can land in Dar-es-salaam international airport, Kilimanjaro International airport or Nairobi International and fly or take a road transfer Dodoma from these areas.


Road distances:

  1. #1. Road Distance between Dar-es-salaam and Dodoma is: 7 hr 59 min (442.3 km) via A7 and B129
  2. #2. Road Distance between Arusha and Dodoma is: 6 hr 38 min (432.4 km) via A104
  3. #3. Road Distance between Nairobi and Dodoma via Arusha is: (691.3 km) via A104 and A104

Air Transfer to Dodoma

Commercial flights between Dar es Salaam and Dodoma are available with the national carrier Air Tanzania, with Precision Air, and (at a higher price) with Auric Air. Flights can book up quickly so it is advised to buy tickets online in advance.

Mission Aviation Fellowships’ (MAF) small planes fly throughout the country; they have a regular shuttle between Dodoma and Arusha every Monday and also fly regularly to Nairobi and Mbeya. It is also possible to join other flights; for more information see their website and subscribe to their Joiner List.

Private Transfer and Taxi in Bariadi

Public Buses to Dodoma

The following bus services leave from the main bus station unless otherwise stated. For local destinations, use the Jamatini dalla-dalla stand west of the bus stand.

Arusha and Moshi Shabiby and Mtei Express have the best buses to Arusha (from Ts25,000, seven hours) and Moshi (Tsh30,000, 10 to 12 hours). All leave at 6am. Mtei buses leave from their terminal by the main bus station.

Dar es Salaam Shabiby has ‘full luxury’ buses (Tsh26,000, six to seven hours), which means four-across seating and toilets; they leave from the main bus terminal. Other buses (Tsh12,000 to Tsh20,000) depart Dodoma frequently from 6am to 1pm. Buses that started their trip to Dar in Mwanza pass through in the afternoon, and you can usually get a seat on them.

Iringa The route to Iringa (Tsh12,000, three hours) is now paved.

Kondoa and Babati Buses (Tsh7000/12,000, 2½ hours/four hours) depart 6am, 6.30am, 10.30am and noon.

Mwanza Buses (Tsh38,000, eight hours) via Singida (Tsh18,000, three hours) leave Dodoma between 6am and 7.30am, and Mwanza-bound buses from Dar es Salaam pass through around midday.


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