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Tanzania’s Northern Safari Circuit

Best Wildlife Safari Tours from Dodoma

The list of Tanzania’s top nature reserves Serengeti Trips can take you to:


Serengeti National Park

World Heritage Site and Tanzania’s most famed and remarkable national park. The endless plains of Serengeti are a stage to watch the dramatic circle of life unfold in front of your own eyes. Check our Safari Travel Guide at the bottom of this page to learn more about the Great Migration in Serengeti.


Ngorongoro Conservation Area

World Heritage Site and the largest unbroken caldera in the world. The concentration of wild animals inhabiting Ngorongoro Crater is unparalleled by any other national park on the planet. With its stunning views and landforms, the crater is an exceptional geological landmark that is worth a visit on its own.

Tarangire National Park

The sixth-largest national park in Tanzania, Tarangire will treat explorers to superb wildlife viewings. The Tarangire River crossing the valley of the park is a source of fresh water drawing animals to concentrate in the park in great numbers. Densely growing baobabs and acacia trees will provide an iconic African backdrop for your game-drive in Tarangire!


Lake Manyara National Park

Though small in territory, Lake Manyara boasts an impressive range of habitats. Dense woodlands of the park will serve a nice change of scenery after the savanna dominated landscapes and will treat you to viewings of primates, ungulates and, if you are lucky, tree-climbing lions! Out in the open you will get to enjoy the view of Lake Manyara’s serene waters and various birds flocking to its shores.


Arusha National Park

The strongest appeal of Arusha lies in its unique varied geology. Tropical rainforest covering the slopes of the dormant volcano Meru and the breach in its caldera make for the most exciting walking safari route! Only in Arusha will you get up so close and personal with the multiple colobus monkeys, giraffes, buffalo and antelopes that live here. To top off this fairytail experience, you’ll head for the Momella Lakes to watch the migrating water birds that are regular visitors here.

Lake Natron Area

A remote and not so easily accessible landmark, Lake Natron is an especially good idea in August-October when its shores are populated by nesting pink flamingos. During the dry season Lake Natron gains its famous rich red colour. Backdropped by the dramatic sight of the volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai towering in the distance, Lake Natron is a truly majestic place to be.


Mahale Mountains National Park

Deep in the heart of Tanzania by the white sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika, you will find one of the world’s most exclusive sites to watch a complex social species of chimpanzees. Guided treks through the jungle forests of the Mahale Mountains will take your breath away with the meaningful insights into the habits and games of the most intellectual apes on Earth!


Ruaha National Park

Far away from Tanzania’s popular national parks, Ruaha is not spoiled by tourists’ attention. This is one of the few corners in the world where you can feel truly one-on-one with nature. The diversity and number of animals you will find here is simply staggering — in line with the magnitude of the park’s size. If you are seeking an off-the-beaten-path safari experience, Ruaha is the place to go!


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