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First time flying solo?

First time flying solo to Tanzania? Here’s how to navigate the airport by yourself

1. Ask, ask, ask!

Where’s my gate? Do I need to take my laptop out? Where can I refill my water bottle? Where’s the check-in counter? Your first time travelling alone is guaranteed to come with many questions. But don’t be afraid to ask them.

There are hundreds of new travellers at the airport every day. And there are no stupid questions. Most airport staff are happy to help, and get asked the same questions multiple times anyway (Thank goodness for these gems of humans, honestly!).

2. Arrive early

Yikes, we hate hearing that one. But it’s the truth, after all. If you’re travelling alone for the first time, it’s best to arrive earlier than expected. Sometimes the walk to your departure gate never seems to end. Sometimes the queues are longer than you’d expect. Sometimes things just go wrong. And so, sometimes it’s best to have some time on hand to deal with all of it. Plus, if you’ve got some time left, I’ve got three words for you – Duty. Free. Shopping.

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3. Keep your tummy happy

Okay. Everyone agrees, right? Things are just easier to deal with after you’ve had a good, wholesome meal. (And when your brain-jogging isn’t competing with a grumbling stomach). So don’t forget to fill up on some good food before you travel alone for the first time.

Don’t worry if you haven’t eaten something before arriving at the airport. You’ll find plenty of great options with varying price ranges to kill your hunger inside. And if nothing else, a good cup of coffee will go a long way to keep you alert for those announcements.

4. Charge your phone

Of course, keeping your body charged is important. But don’t forget to charge your phone too! Entertainment, assistance, e-tickets, panic-stricken Google searches (and the occasional text informing your family that everything’s going well) – you’re gonna need your phone. Period. It’s probably a good idea to carry a powerbank with you. But if not, there are usually plenty of USB-charging points all over airports. Either way, you’ll be fine, as long as your phone is with you. 

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5. Take a deep breath

Firstly, pat yourself on the back. You’re travelling alone for the first time – it’s a big deal! It’s natural to panic. It’s okay to be confused. 

But don’t worry, you’re going to be just fine. So remember to count till ten, take a deep breath every time you feel your nerves kick in (and Hakuna Matata your way through the airport!)

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