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Top 10 Places To Explore in Dodoma

Dodoma Safari Tours
Top 10 Places To Explore in Dodoma


Dodoma the capital of Tanzania is located at the center of the Country in Dodoma region. This town is small but rich in tourist attractions which reflect the culture and the nature. While in Dodoma you can visit the local wagogo tribe in the villages located few kilometers from the town center.


Tourist Activities in Dodoma

A day Cultural Tour to the nearby wagogo tribe village. This day cultural tour will give you an exposure to the real African traditional life and the culture. Visitors will get the chance to enter  inside the traditional mud built wagogo house. The local guide will explain to you about all what you find inside the house.

Historical Tour to the Ancient rock paintings in Kondoa Irangi Kolo area. Kondoa Irangi is just located about 159 kilometers North of Dodoma Town. The modern tarmac road between Dodoma and Kondoa is under construction with expectation to finished at the end of 2016. The tour to Kondoa Irangi can be done in combination with Tarangire Safari.

 A weekend Wildlife Safari to Ruaha National Park. The Ruaha National Park is fame for its largest prides of lions. This park is also among the few parks in Tanzania where you can easily see the rare African wild dogs. The Greater Kudu, Sable and Roan Antelopes can also be seen at Ruaha National Park. Other animals that are commonly seen in Ruaha National park include Buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles,  elephants, elands, zebras and Giraffes.

Top 10 Places To Explore in Dodoma

1. Museum of GeoSciences
You will need to pay to play around in this museum but once you’re in you’ll get access to this rather forlorn collection of rock samples and geological information. Be warned this isn’t the biggest drawcard to get anyone to visit a museum and you may not see anything that you would find particularly riveting. If you’re a fanatical rock hound, inquire at the Geological Survey of Tanzania Laboratory behind the post office.


2. Bunge – Tanzania Parliament Buildings
The home of Tanzania’s parliament is an African-influenced round building. It’s only open to visitors during sessions (and make sure to bring your passport), but well worth a look from the outside at other times. Please note that photography is strictly prohibited so don’t say we didnt’ warn you if you land up in hot water.


3. Gaddhaffi Mosque
Funded by the toppled Libyan dictator and opened in 2010, the pink Gaddhaffi Mosque can be found north of the centre is one of East Africa’s largest mosques. It can hold an impressive 4500 worshippers.

4. Jamatkhana (Ismaili) Mosque
This mosque sits across the road from the Anglican Church. It was built back in 1954 and used exclusively by Dodoma’s Indian community, it has a distinctly British neoclassical design.

5. Anglican Church
In an interesting swapping of styles, the domed Anglican church in the town centre looks like something straight out of the Middle East.


6. Catholic Cathedral
West of the centre, the enormous Catholic Cathedral has Roman-style mosaics showing some saints, including the Ugandan Martyrs.


7. Lutheran Cathedral
Next door to the Jamatkhana (Ismaili) Mosque, the Lutheran Cathedral is Dodoma’s finest example of modernist architecture.


8. Nyerere Square
Can be found in the heart of the CBD in Dodoma. Nyerere Square was created in the memory of Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere, first president of the Republic of Tanzania, and has plenty of historical significance. It is worth making a stopover and spending your lunchtime there while snapping a few photos.

Dodoma City Map

9. Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings
The Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings are a series of caves carved into the side of a hill looking out over the steppe. They are located approximately nine kilometres east of the main highway (T5) from Dodoma to Babati, about 20 km north of Kondoa town, in Kondoa District of Dodoma Region. The caves also contain paintings, some of which are believed by the Tanzania Antiquities Department to date back more than 50,000 years. The exact number of rock art sites in the Kondoa area is currently uncertain, however, estimates are of between 150 and 450 of the decorated rock shelters, perhaps you’ll even discover a few new ones of your own.


10. Lion Rock
Lion Rock (also called Simba Hill or in Swahili, Mlimwa) is quite the verticle trek up a hill but once you reach the top the area gives you an unmatched aerial view of Dodoma from the northeast side of the region. Lion rock is one of the few landmarks in Dodoma you simply cannot miss out on during your stay. Hike the rocky path and enjoy a beautiful glimpse of the entire city of Dodoma. The Lion Rock Dodoma is a favourite hangout joint for groups of friends and families during the weekends.

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