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Kigoma airport Lounges

Kigoma Airport is among the 59 airports that the Tanzania Airports Authority manages, maintains, develops, and operates. Kigoma Airport is a member of GROUP II of airports.

It serves as a domestic hub as well as an international entrance and departure point. Mwanza, Arusha, Mtwara, Dodoma and, Songwe are among the others in this group. 

The Kigoma Airport is overseen by the Airport Manager, who is also in charge of the Region‘s other airstrips including Kasulu, Uvinza and Kibondo.

The Kigoma Airport has a total size of 1,989,534m2, it is situated 3NM North East of the town center. The airport was built in 1954 during the colonial period to carry government officers to the western section of Tanganyika.

Passengers exit the plane via an accommodation ladder and are brought to the arrival lounge using special busses. (For airplanes parked at a remote parking location).

Please submit your passport at the Kigoma Airport immigration booth marked “Non-Residents or Residents and Diplomats.” Please make sure that your travel documents are up-to-date. For additional information, please refer to

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Kigoma Airport Guide

The fire category at Kigoma Airport is five (CAT 5), and the fire station is equipped with the required rescue facilities, including communications, fire chemicals, as well as other rescue amenities.

Kigoma Airport Arrival

Passengers exit the plane via an accommodation ladder and are brought to the arrival lounge using special busses. (For airplanes parked at a remote parking location)

Kigoma Airport Public Health Inspections


If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever or diarrhea, please notify the Kigoma Airport Public Health-Check Counter. For additional information, please refer to

Kigoma Airport Control of Passports


Kigoma Airport Baggage Claim


After checking in your luggage, head to the Kigoma Airport baggage claim area, then go over your receipts for baggage claim to see if you may collect them. If you have any questions concerning your luggage, such as misplaced luggage or damage, please visit a baggage claim counter for more information and assistance.

Passengers leaving Kigoma Airport and Tanzania in general with a considerable quantity of cash may be forced to go through the customs declaration process. For further information, please visit

Please submit your boarding pass and passport to the immigration officer at the Kigoma Airport passport control counter. 

Please remove your passport covers for a smooth inspection. For some nations, you will need a passport that is valid for over six months, as well as a valid visa.

 Before travelling, you should always verify your target country’s entrance regulations; you should also apply for a visa at the applicable embassy. For additional information, check out

At the checkpoint, the officials perform carry-on luggage and security checks. Please show the security officials your boarding pass and run your carry-on luggage via the X-ray scanner. Passengers must go through a metal detection gate to be inspected for security.

Please follow the airline’s instructions for boarding provided by their staff.

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