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Private Transfer and Taxi in Dodoma

Dodoma is unique not least because it is a capital of a large country popular among tourists – Tanzania, and yet the city remains surprisingly little known and explored. Nevertheless, both Dodoma itself and the eponymous region are very interesting. 

A lot of fascinating sights from many historic periods and sites of outstanding natural beauty are waiting for travelers who are not afraid to step off the beaten path. 

Dodoma is a relatively small city, which according to the latest data (statistics from 2012) has a permanent population of 410.000  people. It gives the impression of a cozy and bright city, built with a well-thought-out layout. 

There is no piling up of tall buildings, on the contrary, we can say that the capital of Tanzania fits very harmoniously into the natural landscape of the savannah and the surrounding hills.

It’s hard to tell the story of Dodoma from the perspective of tourism. Every now and then you come across the shortcomings of Tanzania’s artificial capital which highlight the city’s slow development. 

But, of course, it also has many positive sides that are worth seeing in person or, at least, learning about them remotely, just through reading and looking at the pictures.

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Select service type you need, choose the route (or hourly hire duration), indicate number of passengers and luggage, as well as other necessary details if needed. 


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Why Choose us for all your airport assistance?

English-speaking drivers

Not only English-speaking support: almost always we can provide you with an English-speaking driver, too

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Be it an airport transfer or city ride, we always have fixed fares: you can quote us on that

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Not only English-speaking support: almost always we can provide you with an English-speaking driver, too

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Change or cancel your booking free of charge at any time up to 72 hours prior to pickup time

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Choose between Bank transfer, Credit card, Paypal , or even cash on arrivsl / after dropp off to a destination.

Meet-and-greet service

Not only English-speaking support: almost always we can provide you with an English-speaking driver, too

Served Districts and wards in Dodoma

Bahi, Chamwino, Chemba, Kondoa, Kongwa, Mpwapwa,  Babayu, Bahi, Berege, Bereko, Bolisa, Buigiri, Bumbuta, Busi (Tanzanian ward), Chahwa, Chali (Tanzanian ward), Chamkoroma, Chamwino, Chandama, Chang’ombe, Dodoma Municipal Council, Changaa (Tanzanian ward), Chemba, Chemchem, Chibelela, Chigongwe, Chihanga, Chikola (Dodoma Rural ward), Chilonwa, Chinugulu, Chipanga, Chunyu (ward), Dabalo, Dalai (Tanzanian ward), Dodoma Makulu, Farkwa, Fufu (Tanzanian ward), Godegode, Goima, Gwandi, Handali, Haneti, Haubi, Hazina, Hogoro, Hombolo Bwawani, Hombolo Makulu, Huzi Ward, Ibihwa, Ibugule, Idifu, Iduo, Ikowa, Ilindi, Ipagala, Ipala, Dodoma Municipal Council, Ipera, Iringa

 Mvumi, Itiso, Iyumbu, Jangalo, Kalamba, Kibaigwa, Kibakwe, Kigwe, Kikilo, Kikombo, Kikore, Kikuyu Kaskazini, Kikuyu Kusini, Kikuyu North, Kikuyu South, Kilimani, Dodoma Municipal Council, Kimagai, Kingale, Kisese, Kiwanja cha Ndege, Kizota, Kolo (Tanzanian ward), Kondoa Mjini, Kongwa (Tanzanian ward), Kwamtoro, Lalta, Lamaiti, Lamati, Luhundwa, Lumuma, Madukani, Madunga, Magara (Tanzanian ward), Majeleko, Majengo, Dodoma Municipal Council, Makanda (Bahi District), Makang’wa, Makole, Dodoma Municipal Council, Makorongo, Makutupora, Manchali (Tanzanian ward), Manda (Tanzanian ward), Manzase, Masange, Massa (Tanzanian ward), Matomondo, Matumbulu, Mazae, Mbabala, Mbalawala, Mbuga, Membe, Tanzania, Mima (Tanzanian ward), Miyuji, Mkoka, Mkonze, Mlali, Mlowa Bwawani, Mlunduzi, Mnadani, Mnenia, Mondo

 (Chemba), Mpalanga, Mpamantwa, Mpendo, Mpunguzi, Mpwapwa Mjini, Mpwayungu, Mrijo, Msalato, Msamalo, Msanga, Msisi (Bahi), Mtanana, Mtitaa, Mtumba, Mundemu, Muungano, Mvumi Makulu, Mvumi Mission, Mwitikira, Nala, Dodoma Municipal Council, Ngh’ongh’onha, Nghambaku, Njoge, Nkuhungu, Nondwa, Ntyuka, Nzuguni, Ovada (Tanzanian ward), Pahi (Tanzanian ward), Pandambili, Paranga, Tanzania, Rudi (Tanzanian ward), Sagara (Tanzanian ward), Sanzawa, Segala, Tanzania, Sejeli, Soera, Suruke, Tambukareli, Thawi, Ugogoni, Uhuru, Dodoma Municipal Council, Ving’hawe, Viwandani, Wotta, Zanka (Tanzanian ward), Zoissa, Zuzu (Tanzanian ward)


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