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Private Transfer and Taxi in Ruvuma

Ruvuma private transfer & Taxi: Songea is the capital city of the Ruvuma Region in southwestern Tanzania. It is one of the most popular destinations in that region. Songea took its name after one of the chiefs who were killed following the Maji Maji rebellion. This city is made up of 13 wards and is managed by the Songea Municipal Council. Songea is where the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Songea is located. It is also home to many educational institutions including St. Augustine University.

Songea is a great place to visit if you like warm weather, safari excursions and vibrant cultural festivals. Not far from the coast of Lake Nyasa, the city is a gateway to some of Africa’s best wildlife-watching country and offers a warm welcome to everyone who visits.

Nature is the biggest draw in southwestern Tanzania. When you visit Songea, you’ll be able to join safari tours to see wild chimpanzees in the refuge at Mahale or the elephants, zebras and buffalo in the Mikumi National Park. 

If you rent a 4×4, you can also easily reach Lake Nyasa in an hour or so, where you can relax on idyllic beaches, rent kayaks, snorkel or even fish with the locals. Back in town, you might also catch the Selebuka Festival, which attracts dancers, musicians and much more to the city.

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Served Districts and wards in Ruvuma

Bomba Mbili, Lizaboni, Majengo, Matarawe, Mateka, Matogoro, Mfaranyaki, Misufini, Mletele, Mshangano, Ruhuwiko, Ruvuma, Songea Mjini Subira, Mbinga District, Namtumbo District., Songea Urban District., Songea Rural District., Tunduru District., Nyasa District, Chiwanda, Kigonsera, Kihagara, Kihangi Mahuka, Kilimani, Kilosa, Kingerikiti, Kitura, Langiro, Liparamba, Lipingo, Linda, Litembo, Lituhi

 Litumbandyosi LiuliMaguu, Matiri, Mbaha, Mbamba BayMbangamao, Mbinga Urban, Mbuji, Mikalanga, Mkumbi, Mpapa, Mpepai, Mtipwili, Myangayanga, Ndongosi, Ngima, Ngumbo, Nyoni, Ruanda, Tingi, Ukata, Utiri, Kilindi, Kitanda, Ligera, Luchili, Luegu, Lusewa, Magazini, Msisima, Mgombasi, Mkongo Nakawale, Msindo, Namabengo, Namtumbo, Rwinga, Mchomoro, Hanga, Mputa, Likuyuseka, Lisimonji, Mkongo Gulioni, Litola, Limamu, Suluti, Mtonya, Nambecha, Mtwaro pachani, Namsakata, Nampungu, Nalasi, Matemanga, Nakapanya, Lukumbule, Mlingoti

Kalulu, Kidodoma, Ligoma, Ligunga, Lukumbule, Marumba, Matemanga, Mbesa, Mchesi, Mchoteka, Mindu, Misechela, Mlingoti Magharibi (West), Mlingoti Mashariki (East), Mtina Muhuwesi, Nakapanya, Nalasi, Namasakata, Nampungu, Namwinyu, Nandembo, Ngapa, Tuwemacho


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